Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sky Cap

Yes, you know what the title means. Those guys in chauffeur's outfits that come up to your car at the airport. Yeah, they charge, like, five, ten bucks. Here, in China, they charge around 30 kuai. But who needs one of them when I'm around?

So, we are on our way to some random place in China. No car, no bus to the airport, etc. What do you do? Hop in a cab. Well, after a half hour, stuffy cab ride, we are at the airport with the sky caps. With four rolly bags, it is not a problem. We just tell the sky caps bu yao (we don't want a cart). Then we come to the big line of baggage carts. I can't resist. I pull out a cart and load on our bags. By the way, I'm free!

Now, put yourself in this situation. You are squished like a sardine in the fight to get off the plane. Mind you, some of the passengers get up when the plane is slowing down to taxi to the terminal. The attendants try to get them back into their seats. Anyway, there is the rush for the front of the baggage line. I really don't know why they do it, since the bags all go the same way. When our bags come out, I load them on a cart, just like a sky cap.



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