Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Signs Of The Times: Where Are We Going To Eat?

As the Year of the Ox gets closer and closer, we are beginning to observe its effects on our daily lives.

This is a picture of one of our local neighborhood restaurants...shut down tight for the holidays. And this is not the only closure. Tonight we are going to head to a place just around the corner, for one last meal before the family that runs it heads back home to Inner Mongolia. We'll be without their good food and company for nearly a month.

And then there is one of my go-to guys for buying soda and Yanjing pijiu. He and his wife have already locked up their xiao tanr and made the long trip back to Anhui province. I'm sure it will be a while until we see them again.

Thankfully, there are other alleyway merchants who are hanging around for the Spring Festival, rather than going back to their hometowns. So far as we can tell, there is no immediate need to stockpile the toilet paper...


PS: That's a brand new sign outside of the restaurant. Fresh signs are actually popping up all over town. It seems as if the last thing people do before jumping on a train is spruce up their businesses. It kind of presents a weird visual...new invitations to dine in establishments that are boarded up tight. The idea, I guess, is that it really will be a "new" year when things pick back up next month.


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