Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Signs Of The Times: The Ghost Town Formerly Known As The School Of Government

Here is a picture I just snapped from outside my window on the fourth floor of the School of Government building. Although it doesn't really look like a parking lot, that's exactly the function this strip of concrete serves. On most days, when I arrive at the office, usually around 7:30, there are already a number of cars occupying spaces. And, by now, several hours later, there normally isn't a space to be had and cars are even banned from entering.

The place is so deserted that one of the custodians felt compelled to walk over to my office and take a peek inside, presumably to make sure the door was open for a good reason. I got the impression she was a bit startled to see someone in here, still working it even though the holiday season has really begun to wind up.

Thankfully, I can still see and hear the buses rumbling down Zhongguancun Lu, or else it would actually be kind of spooky in here all by myself.



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