Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Mother Of All Ice Slides

The structure you are looking at is a huge collection of slides, built entirely on ice blocks. Altogether, there are eighteen slides. Twelve of the slides go straight from the top to the bottom, while six of them curve on the way down. Over the course of two days at Harbin's Ice and Snow World, this several story high fun house effectively served as our home base. Between the four of us, we made literally hundreds of runs down the slopes.

There were sitting rides, laying down rides, head first rides, spinning rides, twirling rides, kneeling rides, standing rides. There were combination rides, like starting out standing and then dropping to laying down. There were solo rides, double rides, triple rides, and family rides--all four of us together! There were even rides with people we don't know, like this one Harbin tour guide who joined Julie and Z for a few spins down the slopes. There were human chain rides. Z and I got involved in a couple of these, which entailed more than a dozen people linking up and snaking down the hill together (kind of like Hot, Hot, Hot!...or, in this case, Cold, Cold, Cold!)

You name it...We tried it!



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