Friday, January 23, 2009

Marina Is In The House!

Seattle-based adventurer Marina Tunes-Nichols arrived in Beijing a few days ago, right on schedule. (Actually, her flight from Tokyo landed a few minutes early.) Here's the warm welcome she received from me...A one-hour wait sitting in Terminal 2 while I wandered around Terminal 3 looking in vain for her.

This was not an easy mistake to correct, actually. Terminal 3, you may know, is the largest in the world. By itself, it is larger than Heathrow in its entirety. It even has its own separate exit off the airport expressway, miles away from the rest of Beijing Capital International Airport.

No such missteps on Marina's part. Indeed, Marina came armed with a suitcase full of Webkinz, marshmallows, t-shirts, toy and some beef jerky!

Al least we have over a week to make it up to her!



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