Monday, January 26, 2009

Last Day At BISS?

I am happy to announce that my last day at BISS is not really my last day at BISS. One reason is that, on the last day, I forgot my locker key.

It was the morning of the last day at school. The previous evening, I had packed my backpack with all my books and other things that I needed. One of those things was my locker key. So, Mom tells me to pack as little as possible for the school day. I took out the things I needed for the day and packed them in a different bag. Of course, I forgot my locker key. Without turning in my locker key, we cannot get our deposit of $9000 back from the school. This means that we have to go back to return my key.

Another reason is that BISS has dances and other school parties. Kids from the school can invite friends to them. Julie and I plan to go to as many as possible.

During these drop-ins, we will visit our friends and teachers. We will be able to hang out and have fun as if we still went to BISS. Well, I guess we are still part of the BISS community!



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