Friday, January 09, 2009

In A Six-Story Communist-Style Housing Unit, There Lived A Hobbit

For a few days this past week, we have been in one of those mid-winter "time outs." Julie, Z, and I did not go to school or work, as a nasty little bug worked its way through the three of us. So how did we pass the time when we were well enough to be awake, but sick enough not to attend to our professional duties?

We got under the covers together, cracked open the copy of The Hobbit that Julie happened to have checked out from the school library, and went on some adventures with Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarves.

Actually, the real hero of the "adventure" was Desi, who somehow always managed to keep us well-stocked with nutritious food and drinks (plus the occasional snack!). If only she had a ring of power that could make the mess we created go away!



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