Thursday, January 15, 2009

In China, If You See A Line, Get On It...

...And most of the time you'll find something really interesting or maybe even really tasty. The people in China know where all the good stuff is, and they're willing to wait for it.

Take NLGX, for example. The other day, Steve and I had a date wandering around through the hutongs. We ventured down one of the more popular and trendy alleyways called NanLuoGuXiang. We had been there a few times before, and each time noted that one xiao tanr (small shop) had a rather long line protruding from it. On those occasions, we tried to find out what was so appealing (one time, we got as far as to find out that they sold some type of "delicious desert"), but were never willing to invest the time to find out for sure.

As we passed by the stand the other day, there was no way that we weren't stopping. The line was fierce, but our curiosity even more so. Time on line? Around twenty minutes. The prize? A delicious taste of one of our Guangzhou favorites...shuang pi nai. Rather difficult to describe, 双皮乃 means "double skin milk," which doesn't really sound appetizing. In reality, it is what I would call a milk pudding, smooth and sweet and undoubtedly worth the wait. Rest assured, we'll be "lining up" again sometime very soon. After all, we want to do our part to let others know that this is the "place to go."



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