Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Not Normally One To Talk About The Weather...

...But I just feel compelled to offer a brief report on the current situation here in Beijing.

The past few days we have had high temperatures in the -8 degree range. Yes, this is measured in degrees Celsius...but still...that's kind of cold! For their part, nighttime lows have been hovering at around -18 degrees.

Throw in, on top of these air temperatures, gale force winds blowing down from Siberia. These are the kinds of winds that have been rattling the windows and giving us "freezer burn" on our faces. It really has been brutal.

And so there we were, walking around the Olympic Green...An open plaza that has essentially been serving as a wind tunnel during all of this weather madness. It must have been a collective "brain freeze" that took us out there in those conditions!



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