Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Marina, Go!

For the upcoming Spring Festival, families in China go through great lengths (literally, as we posted about a few days ago!) to find ways of having "reunions" in their laojia (hometowns). Since Beijing is our Chinese laojia, we have decided not to take part in the largest annual migration in human history.

This decision was made all the easier by the fact that we will be having a family reunion of our own, right here next to the fifth ring road. As we speak, Marina is getting ready (hopefully not too frantically!) for the trip around the world.

Hey Marina...Do they fly up over the top of the Earth, like when we travel from the East coast? Or do they head straight across the Pacific?


PS: The last time we got together with Marina, those fake glasses and mustaches were our key accessories. How do you think they'll go over in Beijing?


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