Thursday, January 01, 2009

Feed A Live Chicken To A Siberian Tiger For Only Six Dollars!

This was the opportunity that presented itself to us upon the conclusion of our Siberian tiger safari. The park has this pedestrian walkway that snakes above several large enclosures and fields where dongbei hu roam freely about. Well, actually, many of the tigers hang out in this one area, right below where a guy stands all day with a cage of chickens. You see, for forty kuai, you can purchase a live chicken, which you can throw down to the tigers, to watch them devour in a flurry of feathers and squawking.

Upon reaching this platform, I opened my wallet and pulled out forty kuai to give to Z. I am happy to report that Z passed the test!

I can't say the same thing about this other guy who was passing by at the same time as us. Our attention was attracted by the sounds and sight of this guy, surrounded by his posse, holding a live chicken by its neck. Time and time again, he held the chicken right up against the metal fencing, tantalizing the tigers with the prospect of a fresh meal.

The crowd roared its laughing approval. Actually, there was this other group that kept muttering things like, "Why doesn't he just get it over with?" There was one woman who was moved to tears. For our part, we stood there in stunned silence, with a primal urge to watch as the feeding unfolded. As Desi later put it, it was a pathetic and heartbreaking display of a "man over beast" mentality.

At one point, the man grabbed the chicken by its feet, so it would have the freedom to flap its wings, thereby driving the waiting tigers into an even greater frenzy. As for the "hunt" itself, it was over in a second, in a blur of fighting Siberian tigers.

Let me make it clear. Siberian tigers eat live animals. I, of course, have no problem with that end of things. The rest of the scene, though...Let's just say that it did not bring out the best in any of us...



At 8:32 PM, Blogger sindelar said...

does peta know about this?

At 1:20 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

As a footnote, there are other live animals you can pay to feed to the tigers. Here's the menu and price list...

Pheasant and Domestic Duck...100 yuan
Sheep...600 yuan
Cattle...1500 yuan

We didn't see anybody make these choices...



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