Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go Dogs, Go!

As I sit here sprinting to the finish line on an article I'm writing (deadline fast approaching), this is what I see when I look down at my feet...


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Julie on the Buses

So how do you feel about your picture being on buses all over the Washington, DC area?

I'm really excited because I didn't think that people could be on buses except for celebrities and other famous people. So I am kind of surprised. But I think it's just really cool.

How many buses are you going to be on?

I think it's 130 buses in Washington, DC, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and St. Mary's County.

Who are the other kids in the ads with you?

Other kids from my school. They are in a bunch of different grades. One is in kindergarten, one's in sixth grade. The others are in either third or fourth grade.

What are the ads all about?

They are about our Archdiocese. I guess they are trying to advertise the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. They are probably trying to get more students.

Why are kids from your school on the buses?

Because our school won a special award.

What was it like getting your picture taken?

I thought it was fun. They had us do a bunch of different poses. I was really excited because I was hoping my picture would be on a bus. I was trying to do my best in the pictures.

Any other interesting stories about the photo session?

Well, it was funny because they kept using me and this other little boy in the pictures because we are kind of like the opposite and were the only two in our grades.

Any advice for what people should do if they want to see your picture?

Drive around and look at the sides of all the Metro buses!

~Julie and Steve

Monday, January 07, 2008

King of the Attic

One of the challenges of living in a small space is where to store all our stuff. For some years now, the attic has been a saving grace in this regard.

When we first moved in, the attic was pretty much useless, as there was no floor. Just a bunch of beams and a lot of exposed insulation. So we spent one summer sweating bullets and transforming the land above the pull-down steps into a functional place.

For a while after this, the attic was actually well-organized and easy to use. Want to set up the holiday decor? Climb up and grab the boxes you need.

But then we decided to redo Julie and Z's rooms. All of a sudden there were carpeters coming and we had to get clothes, toys, and everything else out of the way. So quickly up into the attic they went. The end result was cool rooms that the kids are enjoying to this day...and a big mess in the attic that made it hard to get around up there. (Not that it was ever truly easy for a tallish guy like me. I've made a career out of coming back down with big lumps that are plainly visible on my bald head.)

What this has meant is that we keep moving all of this loose stuff around, depending on the area of the attic we need to access. Not a very efficient or happy way to do storage.

Enter Z-man. Over the past couple of years, Z has kinda claimed lordship over the attic. Company is coming and we need some sheets and pillows? Go get 'em, Z. Need to put away my garment bag after a trip? Here you go, Z.

This brings us to yesterday, when we were taking our Christmas tree down and putting our decorations away. While Desi was wrapping and boxing things up, Z was upstairs, shuffling things around. After a couple of hours of this, we now have an attic that looks better than it has in years. Thematic areas (summer stuff over here, fold-down tables and chairs over there) with open spaces in between them. Now maybe I won't be dreading it every time I have to go up there...thanks Z!


PS: As part of the fun, I folded the ladder, shut the door, and closed Z in the attic (Julie joined him up there later in the day). Not only would I think this was cool if I were a kid (Desi probably begs to differ!), but it is also safer from a parental point of view (no opening to tumble down). Anyways, I think I heard the kids making plans to sleep up there next what do the two of you think are the chances of that happening?