Monday, December 22, 2008

Xi'an Noodles

Ever since we were in Xi'an, I have not found noodles that are even close to the ones we had in the Muslim Quarter. I thought I would never find anything as good as those Xi'an noodles. Chengde proved me wrong...

It was our first day in Chengde. We were on our way back to the hotel after a long day out in the cold. On the way, Mom spotted a sign that said, in Chinese, "Xi'an Noodles." We continued on, since we already had a dinner place picked out, but we promised ourselves we would go back the next day.

We followed through with this promise. The next day we went back. We went inside and sat down at a table. We ordered three bowls of noodles with meat and one bowl of plain noodles.

One by one, the bowls came out. When they all came out, we began. The noodles were delicious! They were served in a thick, tasty broth.

Here were everybody's reactions...

Mom: "They are not bad, but the noodles in Xi'an were better."

Dad: "Oh, yeah! These are some nice noodles!"

Julie: "Yum! But I agree with Mom...Xi'an was better."

Z: "These are way better than Xi'an! These are incredible!"


PS: We went back again the next night!


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