Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Update On Z's Eating

We have been telling everyone that Z has been, if anything, eating better here in China than back home. He has continued eating the few fruits and vegetables that he likes. In fact, he thinks the huluobo (carrots) taste better here than in the US (no jokes about "night soil," please).

Also, we finally settled on a milk that Z will drink on a daily basis. (Desi even picked up some powder, so I...yes, I...can make some strawberry milk for myself.)

And then there is the sheer variety of ways in which chicken comes prepared here in Beijing and beyond. As has already been noted, Z has turned into a real chuanr fanatic, often pushing us to go to Xinjiang restaurants near and far, so he can grab a dozen or so skewers.

Z has always loved ripping a good piece of white meat off the bone (nothing like a good quarter chicken white at La Brasa, right Z?), which has served him well here in a land where boneless breasts are an "exotic" cuisine. It's just the accompanying pieces that we have not yet been able to convince him to give a try...



At 8:24 PM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

This is all true! I really am eating better. China rocks. The food here is awesome!



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