Monday, December 08, 2008

This Is Their Neighborhood

Just a few steps away from the central shopping district of Taishan, you can find yourself face to face with a small herd of water buffalo grazing along the river bank. Actually, there's a whole community down there, oblivious (at least in appearance) to the constant game of chicken going on mere yards away on the streets of Taishan.

There are the people, living on boats that look, to the uneducated eye, like they could sink at any moment. Obviously, we know very little about such things, as we recognized some of the water homes, essentially unchanged from the last time we saw them four years ago.

There are the animals. Right now, two litters of puppies are being raised at the water's edge, under the protective instincts of their mothers. We saw some chickens get a little too close to the fur balls. That's a mistake they presumably won't make again!

There are the crops. Lots of fall cabbages and other greenish vegetables being grown in small plots.

As we gazed out at these places and scenes, I know I kept thinking, "This is their Matey Road." I know this is not a profound thought. It is not meant to be. Just a simple reminder that even the most exotic looking places can be "no place like home..."



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