Friday, December 12, 2008

Taishan TV

When we checked into the Taishan Overseas Chinese Hotel, there was no doubt that we would be requesting a room facing the main drag. With curtains pulled open, we returned to the big screen that is "TSTV."

On our last trip, we spent hours looking out the window, just watching life go by. People "doing their thing" in this bustling town. We'd take a peek in the morning, afternoon, night, and even late night. From the third floor, we could see everything...including the "cigarette lady" who set up her stand at 10 pm every single night and the "food guy" whose treats we failed to sample until our very last night (definitely our loss!).

This time, while differences in "programming" were inevitable the "picture quality" was as fine as we remembered. And even though we had only a little more than 24 hours in this place, we somehow found a way to catch a glimpse of the quiet morning, the busy afternoon, the wild night, and the peaceful late night (after 2 am, that is).

Now this is what we call reality TV...



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