Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Chinese Christmas Tree

Today, we bargained at a market by our house for a Christmas tree. The price started at 100 kuai. We badgered the lady until she gave it to us for 60 kuai.

The new Christmas tree is fake. Back home, we always get real trees, so this was a first.

We lugged the parts of the tree back to the bus stop. We boarded a virtually empty one. We took the bus one stop back to our apartment. After dragging it up six flights of steps, we were home.

In the front room of our house, I put our tree together. After "foofing" it up, we had to decide on a place to put the tree. I was in charge of this, too.

After maybe an hour, we decided that the best place for it is on the table in the front room. We set it up with a red blanket over the base.

Up next, we have to decorate the tree. We don't have our lights or ornaments yet, but I guarantee those will be our next purchases.



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