Friday, December 05, 2008

Of Shopping And Shuang Pi Nai

After finishing up my responsibilities at Jinan University, it was time to head out into Guangzhou city. On tap? Probably the two things we do best here in and eat!

Thanks to Li Ying and, of course, Professor Bai, we succeeded dramatically on both fronts. Julie, for her part, scored essentially an entire winter wardrobe. And that's Z, trying to play tricks on passersby, while dressed in his new Pepsi track suit. (Yes, Pepsi is a chain clothing store on this side of the Pacific. How Desi resisted, I'll never know...)

One Guangdong treat I was looking forward to is shuang pi nai. This snack food, which came highly recommended by my Beida students, literally translates as "double skin milk." Desi gave the following description..."It's like tapioca pudding without the tapioca." All I can say, once again, is hao chi (good eats)!

And, once again, thanks to the good folks of Jinan. We'll be seein' ya...



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