Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My New Mask

In the West, masks are often thought of as things sick people or surgeons wear. Not in China, though. Turns out, they work as excellent shields against the cold.

When we arrived in Chengde on Saturday, we noticed the rapid drop in temperature. After hearing that ears and noses sometimes freeze and fall off up north, Mommy and I were big on, shall we say, keeping "covered." So after seeing quite a few people on the street wearing the kind of mask you hook around your ears to cover your nose and mouth, Mommy and I were intrigued. We both decided that we had to have some of those "designer" masks.

From plain white to puppy print, we have them all now. After a few days walking of around in below zero degree temperatures (that's below zero in both Celsius and Fahrenheit), we have discovered that these masks rock! Say goodbye to that frozen nose and those stiff lips! Put in your orders now...How about a Mickey Mouse print?



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