Monday, December 08, 2008

Missing Lisa and Peter

Spending time in "Kang Kountry" without the Kangs was definitely a different experience for all of us. In '04, though, they taught us well that we were able to negotiate our way around town and feel truly comfortable during our time in Taishan. We thought of them often and retraced many of the paths we shared with them. We found ourselves saying things like, Remember when Lisa said this? Remember when Peter did that? We reminisced about our adventures with Qi and her family and friends, and fondly remembered places like the spot where we saw Agong getting his hair cut. To see him on his own turf was a very happy and moving experience.

Considering that none of them live in Taishan anymore, we discussed the choices they had to make in leaving the comfort and security of their homeland for the opportunities of the US. Our biggest hope for them is that their reward is as great as the sacrifice they made to do so.



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