Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jingshan Gongyuan, The Park

All around "Coal Hill" (as it is translated in English), is one of those delightful Beijing parks. You've heard the story before...people dancing, playing erhu, and singing revolutionary anthems. Really just a "glad to be alive" kind of place.

And then we came upon something "new"...jump roping. There were a nai nai and an ayi, turning this huge rope, surrounded by a nice crowd. One by one, people took turns...

There was the woman in the track suit, who made it look so effortless.

There were the ayis who tumbled onto the concrete, and then popped right back up, apparently no worse for wear.

There were the kids who had the hardest time figuring out when to jump in without having the rope come crashing down on them.

And then there was Z and me...



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