Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ever-Changing "Face" of Beijing

This morning I took a walk in the central business district of Beijing. What I observed was change...right before my eyes. The construction that is taking place all over this city is fast and furious, and the buildings that are being built sometimes seem to appear overnight. Not only are these monoliths going up at lightning speed, but also some of the architectural designs are like none I've ever observed before. Some seem to defy the laws of physics! Take the new CCTV building, for example. When I look at this building, I think to myself that there is no way this structure can remain standing. Yet its finishing touches are being added as I write. In all, these new, modern vertical skyscrapers juxtaposed with (and sometimes even replacing) the traditional horizontal mazes of the alleyway communities that exist just blocks away from them are a visual display the mixing of past and future that makes China a very exciting place to be presently!



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