Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Presents

Z: What were you expecting to get from Santa, if anything at all?

Julie: I had no idea! I did not know what to expect. I was completely surprised.

Z: Were you surprised to see presents?

Julie: I wasn't sure beforehand. Maybe I would have been surprised if there were no presents under our tree.

Z: What was your favorite present?

Julie: I love all the presents we got. Probably some of my favorites were the purse and wallet I had been wanting for weeks, plus the shard box. The shard box is a tin box that has for its top a piece of antique porcelain that was smashed during the Cultural Revolution.

Z: What do you think was Santa's theme for this year?

Julie: Definitely China!

Z: What were some of the other things you got?

Julie: I also got...

Olympic things
A China doll
A Chinese jacket
Pucca slippers
A pearl and rose quartz necklace

Z: Do you think Santa did well in getting you the perfect things?

Julie: Dangran! (Of course!) I won't have to spend another cent in China!

~Zoli and Julie


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