Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning Parties

Julie: What was the plan for our Christmas Eve party?

Z: Our plan was to have a snack table set up, with everything we had bought and received for Christmas. We were going to watch "Norad tracks Santa" and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, if we could.

Julie: How did you set up the food and snack table?

Z: I put the major foods on the back of the snack table and the small foods in the front. I also scattered pieces of chocolate around the table. I placed a light behind the table so everyone could see the foods. Since the table wasn't big enough for all of the food, I put the chicken and cheese on a chair next to the table.

Julie: What were the main activities we did last night?

Z: We ate, watched Norad, and watched part of Rudolph. We also put out food for the reindeer.

Julie: What is Norad?

Z: "Norad tracks Santa" is a website that tracks Santa as he delivers presents around the world. There are sometimes satellite videos of Santa or pictures of the places where he has gone.

Julie: What did we do on Christmas morning?

Z: We opened presents, ate bacon and pancakes (courtesy of Mommy!), watched Santa, and rested!

Julie: What have our sleeping arrangements been the last few nights?

Z: We have all slept in Mommy and Daddy's room, us on the fold-out couch and Mommy and Daddy on their bed.

Julie: Did you have a fun time?

Z: Yes, I did! I got to do more preparing than I normally do. Plus, we got to have Santa come to us way before anybody else!

~Julie and Zoli


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