Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ballas On Ice

For weeks, it seems, I have been begging Mom to allow me to go out on the ice. For example, at the Old Summer Palace, there were several lakes that had thin layers of ice. Every time, though, the answer was "no." Today, things were different.

We were walking in the emperor's mountain resort in Chengde when we came to a wide opening. There were people everywhere. They were walking on ice!

The moment I saw them, I said...Can I? "Yes," was the reply. I took off. Within seconds, I was on the ice. We ran around, laughing and talking. We did not leave for almost an hour.

Later, after we walked around the palace, we went back to the ice. We drew pictures and Chinese characters in the snow that had fallen overnight. At one point, Julie kicked me really hard on the back of the leg. That was when I fell.

When we were about to get off the ice, we got to a point where the snow had been cleared for little kids to ride small sleds. For about fifteen minutes, we slid on our feet across the ice. After that, we went off to find another adventure.



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