Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Is A Test...

This is a TEST! A true test of our abilities. Can Julie and I be actors?

It all started when there was an e-bulletin about a play. Julie decided to try out. I was thinking about it. Our drama teacher told my sister to get me to try out. So I did try out.

The play is about a girl who is in a dream about taking a test. In her dream she knew none of the answers and weird things were happening to her.

I was given the role of "Pat," the nerd of the class. Julie was the lead actor's thoughts. We both had a few lines and had to do a lot of movements. We practiced like crazy! As we continued to practice, I watched it come together.

Finally, it came. The night of the play. We put on our costumes and got our makeup on. We waited offstage. We saw about 100 people there. We came out.

As the play went on, my lines were...

"May I have another blue book please?"

"May I have two more blue books please?"

"Ning chok fen sheng kik."
(The lead actor was dreaming in fake Chinese.)

Other than that, I made my movements and enjoyed myself. The play went by really fast!



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