Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh No, Not the Te Liu Lu!

It's nice to be in a place for long enough to, say, have a favorite bus line. Even better, to watch as a new line of buses in that group is introduced...all clean and shiny. That's the 498. And you'll see me run for it (quite a sight in itself) if I see it approaching our bus stop.

It's also nice to be in a place for long enough to have a least favorite bus line. That would be the "Special Number 6" bus (or te liu lu). When we moved here and first laid eyes on it, we thought it was so cool. It's a double-decker, so you can go up top and see as far as the smog will let you.

Unfortunately, this bus has become our family nemesis. With two double rows of seats on both sides and a hefty number of users, the odds of uncomfortably standing really close (on occasion, I've wondered if I've become pre-engaged) are very high. Not to mention that while my height is not an issue, Steve's certainly is. Most of the time, he has to tilt his head to the side until he can move far enough back to stand in the cubby where the steps are located. He's had more than one gash on his forehead from where his noggin has collided with the ceiling...or the pole...or the light.

Because the te liu lu is the bus that most frequently passes by Yan Bei Yuan in the direction we most often go, we'd love to see a new line of these babies. Until then, you won't see us running for it (in hopes that maybe a 498 is close behind). In fact, we might even walk slower so we miss it...right Julie and Z?



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