Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Feel The Heat In Winter

With the arrival of November comes the thermometer dip. In Beijing right now, the lows are somewhere around the two degrees Celsius range. (Yes, Fahrenheit is a thing of our past...and future). Similar to New York and DC, the chill is on, especially in the evening. I write this as I listen to the wind whipping outside our window. Did we mention that our apartment has great feng shui?

Back in Maryland, this is the time of year I crank up the heat. Steve would often come home to find two panting dogs and wondering why there wasn't a cloud over the front door, where the cold air mass meets the hot air mass. Here, this is not an option.

In Beijing, the heat is turned on on November 15th. There is no thermostat in our apartment, so we have no control over the radiators that are present in the bedrooms and the dining room. (I haven't seen radiators since I lived in Linden in the 1970s!) So how are we doing on November 3rd?

Actually we're doing just fine...

Apparently, one of the perks of residing in a Peking University apartment complex is that they turn the heat on around two weeks early for their residents. As a result, the warm air started radiating on Friday night. (October 31st!) First, that "heat smell" permeated the room. Then, ahhh...put those long johns back in the closet.

Now, of course, the temperature in our apartment is nowhere near what I would set it at back in the US. But you'll get no complaints from me, since it is very comfortable both day and night. Whoever has their hand on the "Great Thermostat" is doing a fine job!

And that silk blanket doesn't hurt the cause, either!


PS: A note of "thanks" to Andrew for his assistance with this title!


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