Friday, November 14, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go, Part III

There we were, our group of four, on line for the haunted house. A teacher with all make-up sidled out the door. He was one of the scariest things of all. He is, like, the best actor ever.

Finally, it was our group's turn. We walked in and got an introduction. We were told the rules, and were let in.

It started with a hallway that turned. At several points, people jumped out at you. Finally, you got to a corner room. There was a surgery set up, and then zombies were approaching from all sides. You had to run to avoid them.

Once you passed them, you walked along a bigger hallway. At one spot, you couldn't pass unless you pulled a spider out of a red-colored liquid. Then you had to crawl under a tarp where several people jumped out at you.

After this, we were at the end. We danced, manned the food stand, and talked for the rest of the party. We stayed after to help clean up the mess. This was one of the best parties ever!



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