Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go, Part II

Finally, Friday was here. The school day was CRAZY! Everyone was excited and couldn't wait until the party. We were all running around talking about the party. No one could concentrate on lessons.

Julie and I stayed after school to help set up the dance and haunted house. We stayed until 4:30 pm, when Mom and Dad picked us up. We had two hours for dinner (Pizza Hut...only our second time). We looked at our report cards and scarfed down our food. We set off for BISS. We parted with Mom and Dad at the front door of our school. From there, we went to the party.

The party started with live music by school bands. Then, the DJ came up. We danced on the small stage until they opened the haunted house. We got into a group of four and went out to the line.

To be continued...



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