Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Haunting We Will Go, Part I

Every year at St. A's, we have our usual Halloween party. (I am curious how that went...) Well, since we are in Beijing, we couldn't go to that party this year. Instead, at BISS, there is a dance that is put on by the student council. Incidentally, I am a member of student council.

Well, since I am a member, I got to help out. For student council, the dance is no problem; it's the haunted house that is. As Julie and I have to stay after school whenever one of the riders on our bus has an after-school activity, we got to help set up.

We painted tape bodies, made statues...everything like that. Finally, Friday, the day of the party, came. We stayed after school to help put everything up. In just a few hours, the party was to start.

To be continued...



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