Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happiness in the Mail

A few weeks ago, Marillion's latest studio album, Happiness Is the Road, arrived here in Beijing. Here's the path the music took to our ears (complete with clumsy surveillance along the way)...

About this time last year, I ordered the Deluxe Campaign 2CD Edition. Yes, we parted with some of our hard-earned cash way before the music was even recorded. (Remember, this was about the time we were over in Manchester. Sure, I had work to do, but Desi was there mainly for the Marillion concert...and to hang out with me...I think...)

Then, in the interim, we decided to move to China. A slight change in our mailing address, don't you think? Somehow, in the midst of the one billion things we had to do to keep our affairs in order, I thought to e-mail Marillion and instruct them to send the album, when ready, to our new address. (Along with a plea, so far on deaf ears, that they come play in Beijing.)

Amazingly, the package made its way across the Eurasian land mass, perhaps taking the old Silk Road along the way (I'm imagining camels...) But...and here was the big question in our minds...did the music arrive intact, with CDs included and undamaged?

At first I wasn't sure. The outside envelope had been slit open. Not ripped accidentally, but cut in a clear, straight line.

The contents inside, however, apparently passed muster (perhaps Hu Jintao is a closet Marillion fan), as the internal wrapping and box appeared untouched. And when we turned the lights off and let 'em rip, the discs worked just fine. Happiness, indeed, is the road...



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