Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yesterday I got "yelled" at... an elderly lady who was not happy with my leg exposure. No, I was not trying to cause an international incident. I was comfortably dressed in a sweatshirt and athletic capris. Apparently, since the afternoon temperature now dips into the lower 60's, wool pants, fleece hats, and down vests need to be worn. (Perhaps to protect my yang from too much yin). I politely explained to her in "broken" Chinese that I know it is getting colder but that I was close to home. She gave a shiver, smiled, and went on her way.

After explaining this to Steve and warning him against his usual "shorts through the seasons" approach, he decided to keep his tradition and throw the neighborhood into an uproar. C'mon, Steve, what will the neighbors think, you crazy Meiguoren?!



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