Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Watch Out!

One aspect of day-to-day life here in Beijing (and China more generally) that you have to get used to pretty quickly is the constant dodging of spit, vomit, dog poo, and baby pee as you walk down the street. I mean, the stuff is everywhere. If this doesn't become second nature to you, trust me, you'll be stepping in some pretty nasty fluids and substances.

And it's not just the sight of the stuff itself. There's the sound of people clearing their throats constantly and then hacking the results, no matter where they happen to be at the moment. The best (uh, worst) so far? When Desi and I were sitting in this little soup and dumpling joint, a guy at the table across from us...

Warning! Graphic Content Follows!

...placed his index finger against one of his nostrils and blew snot from out of the other side of his nose...onto the floor, next to his table, IN A RESTAURANT!

At least all of those babies with the split bottom pants (check out the picture) look cute when they're taking care of business...



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