Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Room Life

Yes, my room is cool. Even cooler? My room life! I have two friends who are always with me in my room. Monkling, who you may know, and Blizzard Bao Bao (Blizzard Baby). You can see them in my drawing.

I will explain the drawing. That is me with Monkling and Blizzard Bao Bao sleeping on my bed. Next to us on the left is a shelf with a book, a lamp, and my phone charging. Next to that is the window curtain. In the bottom right is my green rug and above me are the cabinets.

But back to my life. Monkling and Blizzard Bao Bao are with me for everything I do in my room. This includes sleeping. Poor guys. They get knocked off the bed at night. Sometimes I even lay on them. They sit with me while I do my homework, read, and everything else. They truly are troopers.


PS: Monkling comes on trips with me. He even came from the US to China!


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