Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Op-Ed Piece

I signed on for the fire cupping. I wasn't sure of the purpose (and I'm still not), but it looked innocuous enough...a couple of higher-order hickeys.

When the guy got out the animal horn and started scraping, the line was crossed. It's difficult to express how upset I was, except to say that I was very unhappy with the procedure that was being "performed" on Steve and was not quiet about it. (I'm sure the other practitioners in the place were wondering what my problem was.) My main concern was the breaking of the skin and the chance of infection. Would we be spending the evening in a Beijing hospital?

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about experiencing Chinese culture. TCM has piqued my interest too, but this experience was over the top for me. While, in the end, there was no broken skin and no residual pain of any type (it looks much worse than it feels), I still cannot look at Steve's back without cringing.

I'll stick to the foot massage, thank you very much.



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