Thursday, October 09, 2008

Grape Garden?

We were at Mass, in Chinese, the other day at Xuanwenmen Cathedral. (Just to reiterate Desi's earlier point...lots of early arrivals and lots of loud singing.) We had not taken a look at the readings ahead of time in English, so we were flying blind, so to speak.

The Gospel kept mentioning the phrase 葡萄园。 The term is putaoyuan, which translated literally is "grape garden." The priest, too, during his homily, kept talking about 葡萄园。

So, while all of this was going on, I was puzzling over what garden might be known in Chinese as "grape garden." I was thinking of some actual place. Can't be the Garden of Eden, can it? Gethsemane?

It was only, days later, when I was reading Fr. Greg's homily on his blog, that I finally got's a vineyard!

Oh, the joys of language learning!



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