Monday, October 06, 2008

Buying Clothes

No matter where in the world I am, shopping is fun. It doesn't matter if I am in Kohl's, Limited Too, or Target. But shopping for clothes in China is just as fun, and maybe even better!

One of my first purchases in Beijing was at the Alien Street Market. On the second floor of the store, they have an entire section for clothes. Walking up and down rows and rows of vendors, I kept seeing this beautiful red jacket. I just had to have it. I tried it on and it was mine. The price...125 yuan...around 20 US dollars. (After bargaining...)

After that, my next purchase was a white hat. A market next to the Beijing Zoo was where I found it. After a few minutes of bargaining, the price was cut in half (to about 6 US dollars).

In Xi'an, walking down the street in the Muslim Quarter, I came upon another jacket. This one was orange with big silver buttons. Mommy and I both loved it, so I bought it for 5 US dollars.

Out of all the clothes I have bought, one of my favorites so far is a t-shirt that was 90 yuan (15 US dollars). It is red with white letters that say "China Chick." Between this shirt and the Chinese style jeans and pants I bought, I am starting to feel like a real China girl.

Shopping in China is just as fun as shopping in the US, but it has the added fun of bargaining. I love living here, and shopping is one of my favorite added bonuses.



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