Friday, September 26, 2008

Yang Xiansheng

As you all can tell, we went to the terra cotta warriors today. We went from pit to pit, and out the back of the final pit, Pit 3. Outside was a huge gift shop building. A Chinese classic "bring tourists out of the site and into the gift shop."

Inside, there are three main rooms. We chose one and went in. We walked past a big book table with an older man sitting behind it. We kept walking and it was mainly statues of the warriors for sale. We went back to by the book table. Above the table, there was a picture of the man who was sitting there, shaking hands with Bill Clinton. If you read the sign, you found out that this was the man who discovered the warriors. A sign next to him said, "No pictures!" The only reason he was there was to sign books they were selling for 120 yuan.

What do you think we did? Bought the book! I brought it up to him and Mom got a picture while he signed it.

Earlier, we wondered what happens to someone like that, who makes a major discovery. Now we have our answer.



At 8:14 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

All day long I was thinking about the farmer who made this discovery. I can't believe we got to see him in person. "Are you kidding me?" is all I could and can think. What an honor!



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