Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Just Had to Go to the Beijing Zoo

And it was pretty much as you would expect. Take the National Zoo in DC, let succession take over, add around twelve more pandas, and you're there.

The one exhibit we were looking forward to seeing was the American animals. We were hypothesizing what types of creatures they would have on display. Our agreement...squirrels, a cow, a pig, and maybe a few dogs. We were intrigued by the prospects.

Unfortunately, we never found it. We followed the zoo map to the letter, but went from Australia to Africa. There was no America. We now figure that the exhibit was probably a traveling Meiguoren exhibit and that we were probably it!

One of my favorite moments was when a man didn't know that I understand Chinese. All I have to hear is waiguoren and my ears perk up. I responded to him with some Chinese that got his attention! One of my least favorite moments was watching several people throw food to the sloth bear. Apparently, this pastime has been on the decline, but the bear seemed to be expecting it and was looking a bit chubbier than other sloth bears I have seen.

In all, we had a great time. But I certainly wouldn't put this on your "Top Ten Sites in Beijing" list.



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