Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Listen For Me On BON TV

Today seemed like any old Wednesday. Get up, take a shower, eat, get dressed, and go out to the bus. But it wasn't.

After school today, I went to a studio to do a voice over. A voice over is when there is a video playing of someone, but not their voice. Someone else does the talking (in this case, me!).

When I came out of school today, I dropped my stuff off with Mom and Dad, and then went to tell the bus ayi that Julie and I were not coming. Then I went to find Julie. She had gone out to the bus, but the ayi told her we were waiting for her. When I found here, we went out to the gate.

At the gate, we waited for about one minute for the car to arrive. There was a woman and a guy in it. They drove us to the apartment where the studio was. The driver stayed outside when we went in.

Inside, there were two levels. One was a studio. Two guys were working at the computers. I got my lines and went into the sound-proof room. For about a half hour, we kept recording. I had to say, "But when we go to China, can I still play tennis?" And, "Do we have to go?" And, "But I want to play for the Stanford tennis team. How can China help me?" This was for a new TV station that is coming to the US. It is called BON.

I cannot wait to hear it! I also can't wait for my next one! :)



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