Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing B-Ball With Paralympians

Today at school, we were surprised in math class by being told that we would be meeting some paralympians. We went down to the track and were even more surprised when we saw the German rowing team and youth national basketball players by the basketball court.

There was a scoreboard, and our PE teacher was the ref. There was going to be a game between some BISS students and the wheelchair basketball players and one of the rowers. The PE teacher came over and picked five people to come play. Guess who was one of them? ME!!!

I went on the court and played for about five minutes before he switched us out. I did not get any shots in because I had the tall guy on me. I got the ball a few times, but I did not shoot. There were cameras filming there too, so I will probably be on TV.

After it was all over, I got autographs and a picture of one of them. I also got to eat lunch with a few of them. That was really an awesome surprise!



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