Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Olympic Lanes...Jia You!

There has been a lot of speculation about how Beijing will change (or not change) now that the Olympic period is over. We will offer nothing profound on this question, but we can celebrate one small difference..the Olympic lanes are open for general traffic!

This is the kind of small victory that one celebrates in their everyday lives, even if it ultimately doesn't have a big impact on the environment, human rights, or global politics. For weeks, we have sat in traffic jams while the Olympic lanes remained wide open, with the occasional black car zipping by.

So when the taxi driver who was taking us to the airport for our flight to Xi'an moved over and left tire tread all over those dreaded Olympic rings (I will take glee in watching them get dirty and fade away), I wanted to turn around and hive-five Desi and the kids. Forget the fact that it was pre-dawn and the 5th ring road was pretty much deserted. It was the principle, the idea that we could use the Olympic lanes if we wanted. Ah, life's little pleasures...



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