Friday, September 26, 2008

Mysteries of the Terra Cotta Warriors

The story of the terra cotta warriors has been pieced together, but is quite mysterious in nature. Emperor Qin Shihuang (the first emperor of China, back around 200 BC) was obsessed by immortality. From what I can gather so far, he assembled 750,000 workers to construct these warriors and the place to entomb them, so that they could escort him into the afterlife. Their existence was never recorded and those involved in making them were supposedly either killed or buried alive to preserve secrecy.

A few items I don't quite understand in all of this:

(1) How could no one know about it if 750,000 people worked on it? It seems as if someone would have leaked the information on this.

(2) (Probably the biggest mystery to me personally.) The warriors were found holding weaponry. Bronze swords, crossbows, arrows, and spears. Yet not one weapon appears at the site. In fact, a placard states that the weapons have been removed. One would think that you would either see some of them in the piles of pottery pieces, or at least a picture showing the warriors holding these weapons before they were removed.

Any experts out there who can offer some assistance?



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