Friday, September 19, 2008

My Nangua Fix

As we get more adventurous with our eating, some of the picture menu items are becoming less "foreign" to us. At first, we wouldn't have ordered them if you paid us. Now, almost anything goes.

Take the last few nights. We've been frequenting the alley restaurant scene, but we've been branching out. Even tonight, we tried a couple of new dishes. My new favorite food? Pumpkin! Who would have thunk it?

It all started out with nangua tang (pumpkin soup). Then, nangua bing (pumpkin cakes). These tiny dessert rounds can be prepared in different ways. I have a favorite type, and I went to the restaurant that makes them the way I like them, and got it to go. The waitresses cracked up, since this is definitely not a Chinese take-out!

Tonight, batter-dipped, fried pumpkin. Even the Great Pumpkin would enjoy these. I'm not sure if these are exactly the same kind of pumpkin found in the Charlie Brown special. When I see them in the market, they are smaller and a deeper orange color.

As a non-pumpkin pie eater, I am pleasantly surprised to find a variety that is really tasty. I keep telling Steve that I must be craving something in pumpkin, but he isn't buying it. In any case, since access is unlimited here, pumpkin will definitely be my "food for fall."



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