Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Green Guy

Back in the States, Jacob and Justin, two of my best friends, gave me a small action figure toy called a Baukughan. It is green and looks like an alien. It has a magnet that springs it open. We joked about taking pictures of it on the Great Wall because it was our last time seeing them before we moved to China.

The day before we left, I secretly packed him in a small black pouch and put him in my backpack. When we arrived, I took him out. He stayed on my shelf until we went to the Temple of Heaven. I brought him and took a few pictures of him.

A week later, we went to the Great Wall. What was the first thing to go in my Camelback? Him. A couple of shots here and there.

Two weeks later, we went to the Great Wall again. So did he. This time, I got the most surreal picture of all!

Thanks Jacob and Justin!



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