Saturday, September 13, 2008

Low Overhead

One of the perks we're enjoying very much in China is the low overhead costs of living here. While our apartment is not fashioned in the Natuzzi and Danker tradition that we love in Maryland, it is quite easy on the upkeep. Since it is not "museum" quality, very little cleaning is required. A couple of dished here and there and a weekly mop of the tile floors...and we are good to go. This leaves lots of extra time for fun.

In addition, transportation costs are extremely low. Despite the crazy gas prices everywhere, public transport here is almost free. Since we have bus passes, it costs .40 kuai per trip. I can't even calculate how cheap that is! The subway is two kuai per trip (30 cents). And taxis aren't bad either...our trips have mostly been between 15 and 45 kuai (2-8 bucks).

Simplifying costs (both time-wise and cash-wise) is not easy back home, but here we're taking advantage of it every chance we get. Now, if only our doorway didn't have such a low overhead. Right, Steve?



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