Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Compare

So the other night, after spending the day touring Beijing, we decided to treat ourselves to a fantastic dinner at a place you may have heard of or seen on Andrew Zimmern's bizarre foods show. It's called Fu Jia Lou and by our guestimation its a 3 Star restaurant...good enough for Mr. Zimmern! Four deliciously prepared and presented dishes (plus a white rice for Z, a big bottle of coke, and a pot of green tea), served on plates that I didn't have to wash and cleaned up by someone other than me. All totaled, 94 yuan. (That's 15-16 US dollars.)

Tonight, after spending a day hunting and gathering, I had the pleasure of cooking for the family. Spaghetti, sauce (butter for Z), rolls, two drinks, and pickles. All totaled, approximately 47 kuai. (That's 7-8 US dollars.) Keep in mind, I had to cook it and clean up and wash the dishes (no, we do not have a dishwasher).

All things considered, while it was a treat to have some Sunday night pasta, it is pretty evident that eating out is the way to go in China.



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