Friday, September 26, 2008


Who is Kevin? Kevin is one of the many different kinds of terra cotta warriors. He is called the "kneeling archer."

Before we came to Xi'an, the site we were most excited about, of course, was seeing the terra cotta warriors. Everyone has seen the latest National Geographic TV show on them, so you probably have seen what a few of the different warriors look like. Our favorite warrior is the kneeling archer, or Kevin. It all started back on our first cross-country trip, when we were in LA. We had breakfast one morning with a couple who are related to my dad's cousin by marriage. We sat outside in their back garden, which contained a statue of a terra cotta warrior. They had bought the life-sized statue in Xi'an and had it shipped back to the US. It just happened the statue of the kneeling archer and, for some reason, they named it "Kevin."

Ever since that day, this particular type of terra cotta warrior has been known in our household as Kevin. So today, when we were all going to finally be able to see the real Kevin, everyone was overwhelmed at the prospect. After an hour and a half in Pit 1, we finally moved on to Pit 2...the home of the kneeling archers. The pit was huge, but there weren't any whole warriors to look at. Only pieces of their bodies and limbs. On one side of the pit, however, there were a few glass cases that contained whole warriors. And kneeling in one of these cases was Kevin. We were all so excited to see the statue we had known about for years. He was kneeling on one knee with his hands in the position to hold a bow and arrow. He had a few steaks of red paint on the back, which is rare on the now colorless warriors. I know we were all blown away by the whole seen, but seeing Kevin was one of my favorite parts.



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