Friday, September 19, 2008

I Just Ate Swedish Meatballs With Chopsticks

A proud moment for me today...I made it to and from Ikea...on my own!

It's one thing when you travel as a group to feel comfortable and secure. It's another thing entirely to fly solo. Today, I decided I was ready to take to Beijing and show it who was boss. Now lest you think I'm getting a bit cocky, realize that I'm reporting after my successful trip. I'm very much aware that the title of this blog could have been, "Lost in Beijing."

Happily, it's not. And happily, I was able to find two very patient taxi drivers, who listened to my broken Chinese and dealt with my hand motions, indicating my destination on my map and my Beijing insider's guide.

I guess what I'm most excited about (not that my new Ikea treasures aren't enough of a reward) is the fact that I recognized where I was almost the entire time. I felt that I could give the driver accurate directions, at least from the fourth ring road, and that I was actually able to provide enough information to negotiate both to and fro.

Ahh, progress. Next up? There's no telling!



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